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"Michelle is a Genius at helping you"

I was really struggling a year after my second miscarriage and emotional eating was my source to numb my self. Michelle just stayed by me, supported me month after month until I got it! She brilliantly held the space for me to evolve my thinking and my thoughts around things that were holding me back! She is a genius at helping you discover how you want to feel, your why, what current thoughts are running the show and how to change them! That is why diets don’t work! I‘m eating better, using the tools that work for me and down 20 lbs and I truly look forward to losing 20 more. Michelle teaches you how to fall in love with the process! Thanks Coach for giving me amazing tools to change my life and my look!

"1 on 1 coaching with Michelle was safe, supportive and empowering"

Recovering from years of diet trauma takes time and having a great coach like Michelle helping you work through day to day challenges really helps you to embody a life with more joy and fulfilment. I 100% recommend working with Michelle if you want to stop letting food rule your life so that you can truly LIVE your life!

"I'm not the same woman I was when I started my work with michelle"

 Before working with Michelle I struggled with guilt most of the time. I was very sporadic in my eating as well.  I would go 30 days eating super well and then I would indulge. I would even plan my meals but still felt guilty when I cheated. I’m not the same woman I was when I started my work with Michelle. She guided me to develop my own strategies that work for me. I know longer feel guilty.  I have treat time when I plan ahead.  Youpi!

 I now take the time to eat and appreciate my meals.  It taste so good. I now stop and let my queen (my best self) make the choices for me and this is not hard anymore. It has become my way of being. I am responsible for my decisions. Working with Michelle weekly was great to revisit what worked, and what did not always work, with very gentle coaching. Michelle is very good at was she does. She is patient, kind, compassionate and I knew she was accompanying me on my journey.  I did let go of some extra pounds but most importantly, I feel stronger, more energetic and in control.    Eating and living healthy is now my way of life.  Dare live your best healthy life. Dare start this journey because you deserve it.  I am very grateful to Michelle.

"If you choose to work with Michelle, trust me, you won’t be disappointed"

One year ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for virtual coaching with Michelle. As someone who has dieted for more than 40 years (losing and regaining the same 20 plus pounds over and over again), Michelle taught me the tools to STOP dieting.  Before working with Michelle, I struggled with overeating, binging (feeding, not ‘feeling’ my emotions), “Last Supper” attitude.  I was focussed on the number on the scale and punished myself, with food of course, if I didn’t see the loss I was hoping for.  Michelle taught me that there are NO bad foods. Journaling and allowing planned treats were total game changers for me.  I learned how to not smother my feelings or fill a void with food or wine.  To acknowledge and honour my hunger with just the right amount of food.  It gave me FREEDOM from diet culture!  I’ve learned ACCEPTANCE of my body.  My arms jiggle and my thighs have cellulite.  I will never be skinny.  I have made peace with my body at a healthy sustainable weight.  I loved working with Michelle.  I always looked forward to our coaching sessions as she was very supportive, kind and humorous.  If you choose to work with Michelle, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  It was the best investment in my health that I have ever made for myself.

- J.D.

"With Michelle’s guidance I was able to become a more mindful eater and healthier me"

When I first started with Michelle I just ate. I ate whenever I felt like it but never put much thought into it. Michelle made me realize that there was a reason why we ate the way we did. With Michelle’s guidance I was able to become a more mindful eater and healthier me. Thanks Michelle!

- Robin B.

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