Hey there,

I'm Michelle, the eating coach for women who are done with diets.

My Story

I was thirteen when I stepped into a Weight Watchers meeting for the first time.  Got my 10 pound ribbon to prove it! Well, not exactly. I’m pretty sure I burned it, lol.  Needless to say, that was just the beginning. I spent the next 2 decades on and off the diet wagon, weaving in and out of overeating, restricting, emotional eating, weighing,  measuring, binge eating, and trying to be “good”.

Of course, don’t forget periods of intense exercise mixed in for good measure.  Hello swim team in my teens, 5 day-a-week gym visits in my twenties, and almost killing my desperate-to-be-thin-again 225-pound postpartum body with Jillian Michael’s DVDs.

It wasn’t long after that, that I had the realization that I was just so done with diets. It was a deep, crystal-clear knowing that it was time to move on.  To something that would actually get to the root of my eating challenges and give me relief from the unwanted side effects that came with it.  I didn’t exactly know what that would be, but I got rid of my scale (I had 2), deleted my calorie counting apps (yup, more than one), and bought myself some clothes that actually fit.  I started to explore other options.  I joined emotional eating support groups on Facebook.  I found Geneen Roth and her book “Women, Food and God”.  I discovered Marc David’s work at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and signed up for group coaching (back when it was on the telephone, pre-zoom days!). I then worked with my own one-on-one coach – the amazing Dr. Sasha Heinz.

What I learned profoundly changed me.  My relationship with food.  My relationship with my body.  My relationship with myself.  My actual physical body changed – I released a lot of excess weight and no longer had all the aches and pains that I used to.  I could move around more easily.  And all of this happened because I listened to that little voice inside of me, that said “F*CK!!! I can’t keep doing this anymore, I’m going to find a better way!”

It wasn’t long after that, that people started to reach out to me asking me to coach them. But let’s rewind for sec.  When I was just starting to look for non-diet answers to my tangly relationship with food, I learnt that health coaching was a thing – like you could actually get paid to coach people and help them with their eating challenges;  and remember telling myself that when I got to the bottom of my food struggles, I would become a coach one day, and help other women do the same.  It’s now my greatest joy in life to help women just like you, who aren’t ready to give up just yet, who know deep in their bones that it’s time for a new strategy.

And you my friend, how long has food been driving you nuts?

Too long, right? I hear you. If you’re like I was, you’re freakin tired

  • » Tired of having a love-hate relationship with food.
  • » Tired of the side effects and the impact to your physical health and body.
  • » Tired of hoping the latest diet will help you feel better (or tired of thinking you should be on a diet).
  • » Tired of counting points, grams, calories, macros, nuts, and teaspoons of dressing.
  • » Tired of beating yourself up for using food to feel better.
  • » Tired of feeling deprived and like you have zero willpower.
  • » Tired of feeling disappointed in yourself, guilty and ashamed.
  • » Tired of all the extra energy you spend worrying about food.

Ready to take the next step?

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